Thursday, December 20, 2012

         Videotapes and DVD's

          The original 5 - videotape set
is long out of print. However Peter and 
his two sons, Andrew and Rob are
presently working on a series of
DVD's which will be a much improved
version of the old videotape set. Expect
the first DVD in 2013. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Silver Rifle

Here are some pictures of the Masonic Silver Rifle up for raffle.

"Peter Alexander’s latest creation, the 2011 Masonic Pennsylvania rifle, was created in the style of gunsmith David Morton. David Morton worked as a clockmaker and gunsmith in the early 1800’s in West Newton, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The newest addition to the series, the Masonic Pennsylvania rifle has a 47.5” swamped Ed Rayl .45 caliber barrel. A beautiful tiger maple stock boasts 23 sterling silver inlays, with over 3 feet of sterling silver wire inlay enhancing the unique raised relief carving on the stock. All of the rifle’s furniture is finely crafted from sterling silver including the nose cap, ramrod thimbles, sights, patchbox, toe plate, trigger guard and butt plate. The rifle carries a Bob roller lock and double set triggers created by Peter A. Alexander."

You can enter the raffle at:

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Masonic Rifle II (2005)

The second Masonic Kentucky rifle, to be raffled off to Masons ONLY, is finished, as you can see in the photos. It has a swamped .45 caliber Getz barrel, 44” long. The lock is a finely tuned Chambers’ “Golden Age” lock. I made double set triggers. The stock is super tiger maple, quarter sawn. The butt plate and trigger guard are brass castings.

The first Masonic Kentucky rifle was valued at $20,000 Usd. This one exceeds that one, by far. As usual, the decoration is mostly Masonic symbolism. For example, the patch box is made to resemble a coffin lid, inlaid with a sliver moon and a sprig of acacia. Engraved upon it are the sun and seven stars, to complete the ensemble. The muzzle cap, and the ramrod pipes have silver wedding bands, engraved in ropework, an allusion to the cable tow. Silver inlays in the pipes are: the forward pipe: the Junior Warden’s plumb rule, the middle pipe: the Senior Warden’s level, and the rear, or entry pipe: the Master’s square. The cheek piece inlay is the all-seeing eye of God, with silver rays extending outward. Beneath it are silver compasses, which cross the square, here formed into the Masonic shaking hands.

The cheek piece inlay is bordered on one side by the Rising Sun, an allusion to my Lodge, Rising Sun #85, G.R.C., which will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2007. There are a few “rising suns” inlaid or engraved on this rifle, so I call it “The Rising Sun Gun”. The other side of the inlay is bordered by seven brass stars, and a silver moon.

The draw took place on December 27th, 2007. The rifle was won by a gentleman from Tamworth, Ontario.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Joe Harris' Rifle (2004)

In the Fall of 2003, Joe Harris of North Carolina contacted me about building a rifle. After numerous e-mail exchanges, we came to an agreement. Since Joe's ancestor fought at the Battle of King's Mountain during the Revolution, the rifle would be a recreation of a gun that might have been made somewhere in Virginia in the 1770's. Joe and I both like the Adam Haymaker rifle, and the "I Was Free Born" rifles shown in RIFLES OF COLONIAL AMERICA, Vol. II, so his rifle will have elements of both.

I volunteered to send Joe photos of the gun as it progressed, as I usually do for clients, and he suggested that I post them here so you could see his gun being made.